Parisian Affair: Claudia Strasser's Boutique

Parisian Affair: Claudia Strasser's Boutique

Anyone who believes the kitchen is the heart of the home has never met Claudia Strasser, owner of The Paris Apartment, who dedicates herself to bringing a little oh là là into the American boudoir. “The bedroom is a sacred space and should be treated like a sanctuary,” she says. The Miami Beach- based maven claims her undeniable attraction to chaises, mirrored vanities and playful luxury items like pink powder puffs popular in the 1920s and ’30s sparked the focus of her online boutique and blog. “Every chair I liked was the perfect piece for Jean Harlow or some other vamp to swoon on,” says Strasser, touting white linens, down-filled pillows, cashmere blankets and candlelight as the essential starting points for any romantic haven. For clients seeking the perfect components for their own retreats, they can browse Strasser’s virtual shop or join her on an in-person guided tour of the renowned Paris flea markets. “They’re an endless source of tiny frames, love letters, lockets and the stuff I’d die a thousand deaths for,” she says. “It’s like winning the lottery every time I go.”

LX: Favorite decorating sources:

CS: When I have restoration projects, I’ll pop into Pariscope Antiques in Lake Worth for anything from restoring a frame, to gold leafing to upholstery. Up the road a bit, I’ll hit Revue Antiques in West Palm Beach for boudoir chairs and vanities. There’s always a wonderful surprise around every corner.

LX: I always carry...

CS: Chanel Gardénia. I adore it because it’s the purest essence of it that I’ve found; it’s not mixed with any other scent. I can only find it in New York, and it just feels like a special occasion whenever I use it.

LX: Dream collaborations:

CS: I’d love to team with Philippe Starck and Habitat for Humanity. In the future, I plan to work with a manufacturer in High Point to create bedding and furniture lines for The Paris Apartment and expand the brand.

LX: Inevitable trend:

CS: I think the 1920s and ’30s are going to make a strong design resurgence. The days of flappers, The Great Gatsby and Josephine Baker are filled with images of great design in both clothing and décor. Art Deco has a timelessness about it.



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