Channeling Art: Alyssa Di Edwardo

Channeling Art: Alyssa Di Edwardo

Artist Alyssa di Edwardo’s most treasured keepsake is a poem from 20 years ago that reads, “Engage with the flow and allow the flow to flower through you.” Prophetic words for this abstract expressionist, whose “flow” informs every brushstroke on her larger-than-life canvases. Initially inspired by the farmland near her New Jersey hometown, di Edwardo got sea-swayed by the watery hues of West Palm Beach, where she recently took residence in a work/loft space. But success didn’t come easy. Working for years as a paralegal, she applied the investigative skills of her day job to her self-excavation as an artist at night. “If I learned anything from studying the old masters, it’s aligning yourself with the energy behind the piece,” she says, referring to her hours studying van Gogh, Monet and others. Di Edwardo’s big break came in 2002, when a local gallery hosted her first solo exhibit. Since then, her work has been at Art Palm Beach, the Boca Museum of Art and Liman Gallery in Palm Beach. New York is next on the radar, but no matter how far she travels, di Edwardo’s focus is always on the journey; never the destination.

LX: Memorable painting:

AD: My most recent one, a mixed-media painting called Prospect Park. The top part of the piece captures the feeling of a leaf getting tossed around in the wind—that moment of getting caught up, that something magical is about to happen. It’s very primal but hopeful.

LX: Greatest influences:

AD: Joan Mitchell for her life and work; Willem de Kooning for his refusal to stop until he was happy with a piece; Georgia O’ Keeffe, who was so far ahead of her time; and Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet for paving the way.

LX: Favorite shops:

AD: Objects in the Loft in West Palm Beach. They have the most eclectic mix and rare finds, and the Saturday auctions are so much fun! I also love trolling through the treasures at Lars Bolander’s shop and Cedric Dupont Antiques.

LX: Go-to clothing brands:

AD: Prada and Marni always have something in their collections that I admire; I am a Jil Sander coat addict and am very excited she is back designing her label; and Ann Demeulemeester boots are the only ones I can stand in for five hours at my openings.



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