Think Tank: Luis Pons Design Lab in Miami

Think Tank: Luis Pons Design Lab in Miami

Clean and modern are two words that describe the designs of Luis Pons, a Miami-based creative whose talents touch interiors, architecture, landscapes and art installations. But contemplative and contextual are the deeper descriptors that can also be applied. “Creating a living space is an emotional process that lets me combine the client’s aspirations with my vision,” he says. Because each family has distinct needs and ideas for a space, the Luis Pons Design Lab focuses on design as a concept and a puzzle to be solved. Growing up in a Venezuelan family of architects and art collectors, it’s fitting that Pons’ chosen career provides an opportunity for constant creation and evolution. “I understood very early in life that design was going to be a great way for me to express my view of the world,” Pons says. He does so through indoor and outdoor environments that he hopes enhance his clients’ lives, and through whimsical furniture pieces that engage unexpected materials like architectural molding and mirrors. Says Pons, “I want my designs to translate into a language that manifests into a lifestyle.”

LX: Design icon:

LP: Oscar Niemeyer translated the modern movement into his own language, into his own terms. His work is very Brazilian, tropical and organic. I definitely relate to it.

LX: Favorite clothing brand:

LP: Neil Barrett. I love how smart, conceptual and humorous the collections are.

LX: Current projects:

LP: We are working on the design and brand identity of the Hôtel Guanahani & Spa in Saint-Barthélemy, and we recently launched three new furniture collections at Wanted Design during New York Design Week.

LX: I’m reading:

LP: What’s in your Roots by Elijah Nisenboim. It’s about bringing the unconsciousness to the concious and integrating it into our daily lives.

LX: Greatest indulgence:

LP: Travel. I visit Venice and Paris a lot, and I take a trip to India once a year. In the United States, I love New York and the beaches of Long Island. Traveling—and experiencing people and objects along the way—is one of the most amazing sources of inspiration.



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