Vertical Landscape: Garden Club Of Palm Beach

Vertical Landscape: Garden Club Of Palm Beach

Debbie Kotalic visits Worth Avenue often. But, she’s not in Palm Beach to admire the fashion-centric vitrines. There’s a much more visually stimulating display that inspires passersby to stop, shoot a pic on their iPhone, and ponder the site of an 840-square-foot vertical garden. “It’s a very tight abstract that both counters and complements the avenue’s sprawling bougainvillea and breezy palm trees,” Kotalic says. “Everyone sees something different. It’s similar to when people look at the same cloud. What they envision isn’t necessarily the same.” A landscape designer for green wall specialists GSky Plant Systems, Kotalic is intimately familiar with every aspect of this wall. After all, she devised it, and even included a hidden optical illusion within its leafy façade. “I’ll give you a’s very Palm Beach,” teases Kotalic, who collaborated with the Garden Club of Palm Beach and landscape architecture firm Sanchez & Maddux. Behind its allure lies an intricate network of irrigation and maintenance systems.



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