Special Effects: A Dated Aspen Home Is Refined

Special Effects: A Dated Aspen Home Is Refined


When a recently retired developer from Santa Fe decided to visit Aspen for a monthlong ski trip, he never imagined that he would soon be calling it home. “Aspen is known for its glitz,” he says, “but I was surprised to find it has a real sense of community.” By the time one month had stretched into three, he decided to look for permanent accommodations. Ideally, he wanted to find something right off the ski runs with a modern, clean and elegant sensibility, but he quickly revised his thinking. “To find a cool place in a great ski-in ski-out location proved to be a challenge,” he explains, “but if you find a house in a great location, you can transform it into something special.”

He met his location requirement by purchasing a three-story town house in a ski-lodge complex at the base of Aspen Mountain. Though geographically desirable, the residence was built in the mid-1970s and sported a slew of dated design elements from the era. Fortunately, the entire complex’s exterior had been updated a few years earlier, but the inside was still a mish-mash of passé kitsch and overbearing materials. Tapping into his developer past, the owner put together a team that included interior designers Richard and Barbara Mullen, architect Kim Raymond and builder Steve Smith with the goal of revamping the interior from top to bottom.

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