Inside Out: Modern Meets Mountain Design

Inside Out: Modern Meets Mountain Design


The house makes us feel like we’re floating above Lake Washington,” Lynn Slaughter says of her modern home that also overlooks the Cascade Mountains. For years, Lynn and her partner, Ginny Gilder, had lived in a larger home on a nearby property just down the hill. But with the last of their five children off to college, the couple decided to trade both size and familiarity for natural daylight on a site with a better view.

To design their new home, they turned to architect Tom Lenchek, who had designed the couple’s vacation retreat in the San Juan Islands. “The property has spectacular views to one side, but it is located at one end of a narrow street and is partially surrounded by houses,” says Lenchek, who collaborated on the design with architects Lauren Crocco and Kelby Riegsecker.

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