Insight: Payam Sarabi

Insight: Payam Sarabi

“What we’re creating here is functional artwork,” says Payam Sarabi, lead designer and proprietor of Sarabi Studio located in East Austin. “Each piece is unique and emotional, and transcends any interior trend.” After purchasing a modern home in 2007, Sarabi, who craved simple, minimal objects with linear finesse, set out to fill his space. Coming up empty-handed, he began experimenting in his garage and the company was born.

“The beginning was very organic,” he admits. “I tinkered around, I explored, and the end result was both accidental and fulfilling.” Receiving rave reviews from friends, he honed his technique, marrying the beauty of raw materials like stainless steel, polished wood, titanium, bronze, copper and glass with his signature serene forms. To date, he’s completed over 100 distinct projects including customizable benches, slab tables, planters, credenzas, dining tables, doors and retaining walls. “There’s a lack of noise in our work,” he explains. “But it has everything that you need: open, pure and airy forms with nothing extra.”

LX: I became interested in design when…

PS: I was very young. I built a lot of projects around the house. My parents had a small workshop in their garage, and for a while I was into custom wood enclosures for car stereos.

LX: Favorite local professionals:

PS: I’ve become a big fan of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture’s work as well as Bercy Chen Studio LP. Both use raw steel and bespoke fabrication details to make each of their projects truly distinctive.

LX: Current project:

PS: We’re about to deliver a custom boardroom table for the Austin firm Drumroll’s main conference room.

LX: Greatest memory:

PS: The time I spent in downtown Tokyo. Its massive high-rises, the architectural style and the Roppongi Hills area are so memorable. It all seemed to speak my same design language.

LX: Go-to restaurant:

PS: Maiko Sushi Lounge. It’s an underappreciated space with a unique ambience. I love the secluded arch table at the back of the bar area.




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