French Connection: Shop Trouvé

French Connection: Shop Trouvé

Linked by both genetics and an affinity for the French culture, Trouvé owners Joan Colangelo and Krissie Brubaker trek the globe to garnish their Scottsdale boutique with an assortment of quality antiques. Mutually inspired by the thrill of the hunt, the mother-daughter proprietors, who have voyaged from England to Italy, and everywhere in between, look to skillfully mingle such items as 19th-century temple jars and Aubusson tapestries into today’s modern settings. “The right antique can be like a piece of art,” Brubaker says. “The beauty of it is being able to incorporate them into the way we live today.” Fashioning a relaxed environment where customers can linger to find the pieces they truly love, the pair juxtapose romanticism with realism, coupling ornate centuries-old pieces alongside straight lines, clean palettes and a livable mentality. “A home has to be a reflection of the people who live there,” explains Colangelo, “so we try and guide them to achieve that goal. If you are looking for pieces that you love, not need, you will always find the perfect place for them.”

LX: We got started...

KB: When my mother started collecting antiques while I was in elementary school. She’d always want to stop when she saw an antiques store, and I would go along with her. From an early age, we started talking about opening a store together some day.

LX: Design icons:

JC: I find that I am inspired by certain aspects of many different designers. From Parish-Hadley, John Fowler and Nancy Lancaster, to Vicente Wolf, Suzanne Kasler and Victoria Hagan, they have all left their fingerprints on the industry.

LX: What do you collect?

KB: I love pieces in the French Louis XVI style. I have a chaise lounge in my bedroom that has very simple lines and beautifully painted woodwork.

LX: Favorite hotel:

JC: Gravetye Manor in West Sussex, England. It is a beautiful old country house surrounded by rolling hills, flowers and, yes, fresh air and serenity.



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