Léger: Modern Art and The Metropolis

Léger: Modern Art and The Metropolis

So many modern artists expressed their world through their experience of the street and the changes they were observing in the urban fabric. The modern metropolis was the central symbolic site of modernity. Léger: Modern Art and The Metropolis—the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s exhibition on the metropolis and the exchanges of influence between Fernand Léger and the artists, architects, filmmakers and poets of the 1920s international avant-garde in Paris—makes its debut this fall. Running from October through January, the exhibition was inspired by The City (shown below), a formative work in 20th-century art, and one of the core masterpieces in the museum’s collection. “We wanted to focus on the metropolis to show how current modern art’s engagement with the world can be for today’s city dwellers,” notes exhibit curator Anna Vallye. “What’s so remarkable is that the city Léger painted almost 100 years ago is still completely familiar to us today. Of course, cities have changed since then, but there is also something profoundly enduring about Léger’s vision.”



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