Artful Thoughts: René Romero Schuler

Artful Thoughts: René Romero Schuler

Lake Forest-based fine artist René Romero Schuler admits to having as many as seven canvases going at one time. “Depending on my mood, I can just drop into any of them and start working,” says Schuler, who started emulating the works of Jackson Pollock and Frank Stella in high school. “I was drawn to abstract art because it’s not so literal and I can get lost in it.” Schuler’s typical subjects are humanistic figures she describes as “everyone” and “no one” that seem to drift in space. Formed by a layering and texturing technique that involves sculpting oil paint with a palette knife, the images intentionally have no clearly defined attributes. “I’m not necessarily doing anything new regarding the process, but what I bring about is so personal,” says the self-taught artist who used to read every art book she could find. The disciplined professional paints every day and finds inspiration in the stories of powerful women like Frida Kahlo. “Women who have risen above adversity really motivate me,” she says. “I try to convey their beauty along with the imperfections hiding underneath.”

LX: Work approach:

RS: My pieces are very soulful depictions of what I consider to be very personal work. I put a lot into each canvas that I create, applying a story to each one and resolving any number of issues throughout my process.

LX: Current project:

RS: I am working on a collection of India ink works on paper for a show in June with Tony Fitzpatrick, Cindy Bernhard and Michael Goro at Galerie Beckel Odille Boïcos in Paris.

LX: Keep an eye on:

RS: Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects is someone I’ve been very intrigued by. The Aqua building she designed is incredible. I truly admire her achievements and can’t wait to see what’s coming next from her firm.

LX: What do you collect?

RS: I collect art! I have amassed a pretty sizeable collection of wonderful works by national artists, but there’s a great emphasis on locals like Antonia Gurkovska, William Conger and Angela Peterson, among many others.




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