Articulture With Monique Capanelli

Articulture With Monique Capanelli

It’s not unusual for Austin-based botanical designer Monique Capanelli to envision an arrangement of vibrant succulents and cacti only to juxtapose them with a sprinkling of seashells and a pair of antlers in a bold shade of fuchsia. What’s more, the arrangement isn’t likely to be set within a ceramic vessel; it’s more expected to be displayed within a coffee table she designed herself. “I revel in creating an element of surprise,” says Capanelli, whose arresting offerings range from such pieces of “living furniture” to green walls and entire landscaped gardens. “My work is about achieving a balance with imbalance, and finding the innate beauty conjured by this asymmetry.” Here, She discusses her business and inspiration behind it with Luxe.

LX: How would you classify the aesthetic or style of your designs?

MC: I’m always trying to achieve a balance with imbalance. I revel in playing with textures, shapes and a variety of material components. In summation, I endeavor to make my work appear seamless, yet mysteriously built.

LX: What are a few specific examples of the plant designs you offer?

MC: We frame plants on walls, incorporate plants into furniture (such as in the coffee table design featured above) and we create landscape dioramas and hanging plant designs. With such an abundance of elements to work with, the possibilities are truly limitless.

LX: What inspires you on a daily basis?

MC: I’m very visually stimulated, so I would say that everything I see provides inspiration. Traveling, going to art exhibits, exploring botanical gardens; when I can recharge and rejuvenate, I’m inspired.

LX: What type of feeling do you try to evoke for your clients?

MC: I try to create an element of surprise. I like when my designs are lively, unexpected and incorporate materials that might not normally be found in landscape designs.



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