Insight: Jamie Iacoli and Brian Mcallister

Insight: Jamie Iacoli and Brian Mcallister

Four years ago, Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister didn’t know the other one existed. “We were on parallel paths design-wise with neither of us getting where we wanted to go,” says McAllister, who met his future business partner serendipitously on a social networking site. Today, their success hinges on a perfect balance that has her handling sales and marketing, him engineering their creations, and both of them collaborating on designs. “We finish each other’s thoughts,” adds Iacoli about her yin to his yang.

According to McAllister (his background is in architecture and industrial design), their work is minimal with an organic approach to process and materials. “We make a lot of our products in-house but we use outside vendors for particular treatments like powder coating,” he says. Determined to make aesthetically pleasing objects with a functional purpose, they craft geometric-minded tables, lighting and jewelry in various combinations of wood, glass, stone and metal. “We are really inspired by how materials come together and how a material cuts through space,” says Iacoli. “We think a lot about lines, planes and volumes—the basic elements of designs.”

Algedi Table, Brass/Marble

LX: Current projects:

JI: We’re working on a new collection of tables and jewelry for ICFF in May, as well as some pieces that other companies will manufacture, which is making us work on our drawing skills.

11 Piece Frame Cluster, Brass or Copper

LX: Go-to host gift:

BM: One of our Hex bottle openers and a nice India pale ale from Two Beers, Maritime Pacific or Fremont brewing companies.

Frame Coffee Table, Copper

LX: Favorite city:

JI: Barcelona is downright magical.

BM: I love Miami right now; I’ve been going for the last five years for Art Basel and have become a serious fan of Art Deco, sunshine and time at the beach.

Wire Side Table, Brass or Copper

LX: I’m inspired by:

JI: Photographers like Matthew Ronay and Victoria Ling. We work within a certain set of constraints—the object must be functional, beautiful and make sense within the parameters of our business—but artists have other motivations for creating and I find all those reasons fascinating and inspiring.

BM: Deserts. I’m planning a short trip to visit some eastern Washington desert landscapes this spring for a quick getaway. Short road trips are always inspiring, and I seem to work out design details while driving.

Small Brass Spica




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