The Market: Faceta Stool

The Market: Faceta Stool

item: faceta stool

company: Kyle Bunting and Britto Charette

price available upon request


This season, Kyle Bunting’s effervescent hide on hair pattern work collides with Miami designer Britto Charette’s penchant for Art Deco architecture. The result is this creatively crafted stool, which marks the duo’s first venture into the accessory arena. “I like this piece as a small side table, but they work best in multiple unit vignettes,” notes Bunting, who says “the juxtaposition of the warm and tactile hide against the cool, smooth silhouette of the opaque base is nearly the perfect combination of materials and surfaces.”


Designers Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato on the piece; “This stool’s concentric circles remind us of an age-old tree trunk, and its white exterior evokes a perfectly elliptical eggshell. Overall, it has a really clean and chic look which we adore, especially after a recent trip to Japan, where home décor is                                                 very pared down and streamlined.”




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Posted by julie on 11/8/2013 12:21:00 PM

where can i get one of these? they are so fun!