Eclectic Collection

Eclectic Collection

It’s hard for me to look at a Tom Dixon design and not fall madly in love. It’s usually his famous Beat lights or copper shades that win me over time and again, but lately I find myself daydreaming about his Eclectic collection of accessories that bear the same signature metallic and black matte makeups. Sure I have a million candles, but how could I resist the lustrous allure of his shiny, scented votives? And yeah, I don’t really need a doorstopper, but is there anything more adorable than an English gentleman’s tiny copper-plated aluminum shoe? With Bash vessels, Hex champagne buckets and a host of other tabletop gems that might as well be sculpture, I find myself continuing to count the ways… 



Cast Shoe Copper - Door Stop

Scent Candle Gift Set

Hex Champagne Bucket



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