Being an editor at Luxe affords the great opportunity of viewing some of the most awe-inspiring, spectacular architecture and design the industry has to offer. I suppose it's no wonder, I find myself compelled to jewelry and gems that exude the same effect as such inspired work. Chicago native Lauren Harper places her architectural narrative front and center in her latest enthralling collection. Assembled from Larimar, Chrysophase and G. Amethyst, the new collection has a certain je ne sais quoi that is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era. The extensive line is also laced with Art Deco notes conveyed through the deliberate choice of gemstones and their geometric framing.  Like many great architects and designers, Harper tells an allegoric story with each exceptional piece, using art and a by-gone era as her muse. Count on incessant stares and double-takes when rocking anything from the Lauren Harper Collection. 


Cara Long – Style Editor

P.S. Stay tuned for more from Lauren Harper in our fall issue hitting newsstands on October 18th.





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Posted by Lauren Harper on 8/29/2013 9:59:00 AM

Thanks Cara!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo! -Lauren