Table Talk

Table Talk

Probably my favorite part of interviewing designers is finding out what inspires them. How do they look at an empty room and know what to do? How do they conjure up the idea for a new light fixture or fabric pattern out of thin air? Well, on a recent visit to designer Thomas Schoos’s new shop, Schoos Night, I caught a first-hand glimpse into his creative process. The space is filled with one-of-a-kind finds and his fantastical designs, but one piece in particular stood out. It was a cast bronze table with a glass top, and it looked equal parts refined and rockstar. Turns out it was inspired by a group of bangle bracelets that he carries by jewelry designer Melinda Maria. He’d taken the three distinct shapes of the bangles and remade them—appearing to fall in angles as they might on an arm—to form the base of the table. At last, at least for this piece, the mystery of inspiration is solved.


Caren Kurlander

Features Editor



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