Delicious Dishes

Delicious Dishes

Whether he’s using broken plates to create an image or creating imagery to cover a plate, artist Julian Schnabel is adept at transforming dinnerware. And the dinnerware he designed in honor of Bernardaud’s 150th anniversary  would be equally powerful at transforming a dinner party. Schnabel was one of several artists, including Jeff Koons and David Lynch, invited by the French porcelain manufacturer to bring their talents to the table.

It’s fascinating to see how different artists can give the same canvas—a blank plate—their own flavor. Schnabel’s moody scenes would make for an atmospheric start to an evening meal, while Michael Lin’s cheerful florals (top of page) set an entirely different tone. But the designs I keep coming back to, and am currently coveting for my own table, are the simple yet stunning pieces by Sarkis.

For his set, the artist took basic white plates and highlighted them with veins of gold, as if he were repairing imaginary cracks. I can picture them lining either side of a table with a row of bright pink flowers down the center (apparently I’m still on a pink kick and then finishing things off with this most perfect set of gold flatware. But that’s an obsession for another day…


Caren Kurlander

Features Editor



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Posted by Josh Urso Design on 8/8/2013 7:16:00 AM

Coordinating and thematic but not all matchy matchy? Love it. Irreverent dishware is taking an exciting new turn in these pieces. Since we're color junkies, Michael Lin's set is just perfect for our taste.