Design Dialogue: Alicia Flatin & Linda Criswell

Design Dialogue: Alicia Flatin & Linda Criswell

One could call Linda Criswell and Alicia Flatin decorators. After all, their beloved furniture and accessories store, Bungalow, is known as a go-to source for some of the most fashionable homes in Scottsdale. “We’re ultimately stylists,” says Flatin. “What Rachel Zoe does for clothing, we do for someone’s house.” 


The shop definitely has a formula, admits Criswell, but it’s a multi-layered approach geared toward individual tastes. “If you have your house furnished here and then refer us to your next-door neighbor,” adds Flatin, “you won’t end up with the same space.” In fact, when these two tastemakers are finished applying the final layer, it looks like the client has been collecting pieces for years.


So how do they stay on top of it all after 10 years? “Our style gets better and better with age,” Flatin says of Bungalow’s unique mix, which now includes lifestyle-related pieces such as jewelry, and casual footwear and accessories. “We don’t follow the trends,” she continues. “It feels like we start them.”


LX: I love what I do because…

LC: I get excited when clients tell me how happy it makes them to come home to their newly finished space.

LX: Dream dinner party guests:

AF: Jeff Lewis, Ralph Lauren, Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper, Steven Tyler, and Tommy Lee. 

LX: Design icon:

LC: I really admire Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s point of view. His aesthetic leans a little toward a mix of Indian and bohemian, which is just like mine.

LX: I always carry…

AF: My iPhone, iPad, By Kilian’s Cruel Intentions travel fragrance spray, a great pair of earrings, Chanel aviator sunglasses and lip gloss…lots of lip gloss!

LX: What’s inspiring you now?

LC: I am loving the exotic desert look: vintage Mexican pieces, African textiles and baskets, and anything Moroccan.



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