On View: Hunt Slonem and Peter Tunney

On View: Hunt Slonem and Peter Tunney


When homeowners Melissa and Ray Strong relocated from Tribeca to Houston, they only brought down a few furniture pieces from their New York abode. But, their contemporary art collection made the trip. The Strong’s tapped friend and designer Ashley Goforth to design their new French Revival home with the artworks in mind, including several beloved pieces from Hunt Slonem and Peter Tunney.

Gorfoth strategically placed the contemporary artworks throughout the house, where each serves as the defining feature of its assigned space. Like the work in the living room, many of Slonem’s paintings are based on his personal aviary of 100 birds of various colorful species, a living mosaic from which to draw inspiration. 

Double Bunny, an oil-on-wood piece by Hunt Slonem, hangs in the background of this breakfast nook.

Slonem divides his time between Louisiana where he owns two plantation homes and New York City where he has lived and worked since 1973.

Another artist-favorite of the Strong’s is the legendary Peter Tunney. Also based out of New York City, Tunney’s works frequently mixes and varies in media. He famously gathers images from newspapers, magazines, and art books and reinterprets them through his own unique perspective. The above mixed-media collage, Skull in the foyer, was acquired directly from the artist when the couple lived in New York.

Many of Tunney’s recent works, display refreshingly optimistic phrases and quotes colorfully painted over collaged headlines. Tunney’s Lonely No More encapsulates the vibe in the den.

A more masculine piece hangs in the husband’s study; a collage by Tunney, In God We Trust... Sometimes.



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