Detail Oriented: Take Five

Detail Oriented: Take Five

Inspiration has a funny way of reshaping itself until it manifests again, very clearly, in a different way (or furnishing, in this case). Take the classic shape of the pentagon, for instance. This five-sided form first caught my eye overhead in a stunningly structural pendant light of a master bathroom executed by designer Estee Stanley for a client’s home in Southern California (a project you won’t want to miss from our upcoming Spring 2013 issue, on newsstands April 16). The polyhedron-esque fixture (polishing up my high school math vocabulary, here) stayed put in my head since images of the home first landed in our offices. Little did I know that, just a few weeks later, my muse would reappear in a striking faceted side table by Cuffhome. Stumbling upon this piece fetched that initial spark for the geometric silhouette from the alcoves of my mind and placed it front and center again. I love how this table’s silhouette does all the talking, not needing any other embellishment, color or unusual material to make it stand out. I definitely have already envisioned this gem playing a not-so-coy supporting role to all the furniture in my home. Now, if only I could decide where its final resting place should be. Any suggestions?


Arlyn (Managing Editor)



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Posted by Jessica on 3/19/2013 12:31:00 PM

this is gorgeous. it reminds me of a jewel. I'd definitely use it either in a master bathroom to hold bath salts, books, candles next to a freestanding tub. that or I'd get a few and sprinkle them in a living room. I wonder if they'd work outside as well?