On The Edge

On The Edge

I will admit to you that I am a total girl. I love butterflies, the color purple and anything having to do with the ballet. So, when I saw this whimsical Malibu chair from designer Kelly Wearstler, my heart nearly skipped a beat. There’s something gentle and delicate yet modern and cool about this piece. Although a bit edgy in nature, the steel frame with its opulent gunmetal coating is perfectly dotted with delicate brass ball feet, and would be right at home in my quirky yet ever-so-subtle girlie bedroom. And, since the frame is hollow, its airiness is highlighted by my favorite part: the goat fur upholstery. What a fun and playful contrast to the structured frame! Now, if only it came in purple, I’d be set. 

Happy Week!

Brittany Kaplan (Features Editor)



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