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Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts

Brooklyn based design company Flat Vernacular is keeping on theme with the location's "hip to be square" motif by specializing in hand-drawn, hand-printed bespoke wallpapers. The duos respect for both the craft and the personal attention to each product and consumer is not only what sets their work apart from many companies, it is also what makes the wallpapers so prodigious.

“We endeavor to keep a consistent conversation open between fine art and design within all of our creations, whether they be our stock designs or something created specially for a client. Keeping one foot firmly in fine art and one in design allows for our visual capabilities and design skills to remain expansive yet thoughtful. We try to remain faithful to the tradition and character of wallpaper while utilizing a more contemporary twist on the designs themselves.” [via]

It is #LuxeTalk Thursday and today we can't stop talking about this company! 

Check out all of the collections here



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