style scout: horsing around.

style scout: horsing around.


Horses are headstrong, powerful creatures—which is exactly why you won’t catch us on one unless it’s firmly fastened to the ground on a very slowly spinning carousel. They are beautiful, though, so it makes perfect sense that the lovely Ginger Barber would choose an oversized equine painting by Joe Andoe as the centerpiece of this dining room, when designing the Houston residence of a saddle-loving couple. The painting acts as an unexpected touch in the otherwise super-traditional space, complete with nail-studded, high back chairs from George Cameron Nash and an opulent chandelier courtesy of Watkins Culver Antiques. So, while we may not be running home to catch up on reruns of Mr. Ed any time soon, pairing statement-making art with furnishings that feel like they have a bit of history is definitely a design idea that we can pony up to.

From left: Painting by Joe Andoe; Factory Table from Currey & Company; Modern Luxury Collection by Richard Mishaan chair from Bolier & Company



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