When I was a little girl I received my first vanity gift set, sparking an excitement for all things beautiful. I would spend hours organizing the silver-pieced set in various ways across my wicker desk. My favorite part of playing adult was spraying my neck and wrists delicately with a vintage style bulb atomizer. I became so obsessed with spraying myself that I was forced to replace perfume with water for the sake of those around me. Even still, my daily routine is not complete without a spritz of my signature scent.  My obsession today is not some fancy spray bottle, but rather Perfume Tools?!

Allow me to explain: Designer Jody Kocken was forced to find another way to wear her favorite fragrances when she became aware of her perfume allergy. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so Kocken created Perfume Tools—a series of jewelry pieces designed to absorb perfume scents. Once worn, it works as a fragrance diffuser that reacts against warm skin allowing the precious metal to permit the scent to permeate without ever coming in contact with the flesh. Now that's how you fool an allergy. Genius chic if you ask me. 

Happy Week!



[Photos By Rene van der Hulst, Jody Kocken via Mocoloco]



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