Friday's Five

Friday's Five

Can you believe that fall is in full swing? We are already being told to “have a great holiday!” While all signs have us headed into the cold, there are plenty of goodies available to warm the soul.  What better way to celebrate Friday than tipping you off to five fabulous luxury items that will have you embracing the changing leaves. 


1. Champagne Flutes: It is the time to be thankful and ring in the season with family and friends. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy this time of season then by giving your glassware an update! Purchase a set of new champagne flutes to keep your collection up to date, and your parties more fabulous then last year. [photo via]


2. Fur: One of our favorite parts of fall is fur! Even better? Many designers are doing fabulous lines of faux fur home accessories and fashion items! Take, for example, this throw from Fabulous Fur, no need to sacrifice your views for great pieces! [photo via]

3. Cashmere Pillows: Cashmere is the textile of fall. Throwing a few fresh cashmere pillows on your bed and/or couch helps to keep you cozy through the chillier nights. [photos via]

4. Mirror: Sometimes it is the little changes around our home that get us the most excited. This Barry Dixon mirror, for Arteriors Home, instantly opens up the space! Adding a funky mirror is a great way to keep you inspired without the stress! [photo via

5. Loafers: Male or female loafers are a fall splurge must. With so many different varieties available no matter what your personal style, there is sure to be a loafer for you. Dress them up, play them down, accessorize and you are good to go! [photo via]



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