Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground

Somewhere during my adolescence I started associating velvet to awkwardly dressed middle school children during the holiday season. You know what I mean, oversized bows, awkward sashes; I thought that I would never be able to overcome my fear of the texture… and then I went to High Point, North Carolina. As you know some of our Luxe team spent the weekend exploring High Point Market. To say that we were overwhelmed by beauty would be an understatement. It was not until my trip back to New York that I had a chance to review everything that I saw, recognizing one trend standing above the rest…velvet. From the corduroy velvet chair at Pearson to the green striped couch at Lee Industries (images below), this fabric can be used for fun or to add sophistication to an area, as well as to any wardrobe! Don’t expect to see me sporting any awkward sashes, but you just may bumped into me rocking one of these fashion pieces! Oh, and I am definitely adding hot pink velvet chair to my boudoir. 

For more velvet trending pieces be sure to pick up a fall issue of Luxe. 

Happy Week!




1. Christian Louboutin Artemis Velvet Bow Shoulder Bag

2. Balmain Velvet and satin Blazer

3. Miu Miu flats

4. Alexandrer McQueen Knuckle Embellished Brocade Box Clutch

5. Woldford Velvet De Luxe Tights



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