Not Too Shandy

Not Too Shandy

You may remember Fred Shand from their outrageously popular Anthropologie quilt a few years back (seen in the photo above). Well, the fabulous bedding and home textiles brand is back with Anthropologie, and debuting two decorative pillow designs that will make your morning “roller overs” that much more enjoyable. Introducing Counting Stiches and Berry Garden, company founder Kate (Fred) Loudoun-Shand describes the line,

“In its essence, the idea behind these designs was to take traditional Moroccan stitch techniques and simplify them. It was also about incorporating the bizarre prints of the 1800¹s. Textiles from the Ottoman Empire, crossing the silk route, were arriving in London and influencing the Huganot silk weavers in the city¹s Spittalfields to produce outlandish, large scale designs for their silk cloth. They caused quite a stir at the time.”

Light and airy, they are sure to add the perfect amount of zest to any area of the home. 



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