Tricia Huntley's American Luxe

Tricia Huntley's American Luxe

Tricia Huntley founded Huntley & Co. Interior Design back in 2006 after ten years in the industry. Tricia's design style has been described as “American Luxe”, so naturally we wanted to get to know this Washington girl a little better! If you are anything like us, after  these fourteen questions you’ll want to hop a flight to DC, split a tuna tartare and talk design with this engaging designer. 

LX: You studied art history and photography as an undergraduate. How do you think these two fields help your interior design?

“They taught me how to “see”. What I do is so visual and I think having an eye for shapes, value and how things relate is important when creating environments that look good and feel right. It’s all about creating visual cues and relationships within a space so the environment has spirit and warmth.”

LX: Beyond a design taste for the finer things, your blog (Luxe & Lucid) shows us you’re your flare for fashion! How do you think your design taste and fashion sense collide?

“I think they are both born from the same concept. In both my interiors and in my fashion I like to play elements off each other – textures, colors, genres. The underlying principle, regardless of theme, is that of tempered luxury. I’ll wear a pair of jeans with a fur coat and place a silk, upholstered chair at a rift oak desk. I think a glamorous piece is all the more dramatic if it’s paired with something understated.”

LX: Where do you draw inspiration from?

“I try to look for inspiration out in the world; I take photos when I’m at the park, while I’m walking around town or when I’m traveling. I like the process to be a somewhat organic experience – the bark of a tree may inspire the colors and textures for a living room or the geometry of a building in London may drive the overall concept and modernity for a project here in the US.”

LX: Using only three words, how would you describe yourself?

“Independent, particular, sensitive”

LX: What do you never leave home without?

“Lovin’ on my dog, Nina. A little cuddle and smile from her warms my heart before I set off into the world.”

LX: If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“I eat at BlackSalt, a neighborhood restaurant, quite a bit. I almost always order the tuna tartare, Addie’s mussels and a glass (or two) of wine. Yum.”

LX: We love when you form a room around a dream client (on Luxe & Lucid), who are your dream clients?

“The best clients are those who are able to let go and put their trust in my expertise. I always have my clients’ best interest in mind, so those who give me as much information/inspiration up front and then let me do my thing always get the best results." 

LX: What are your favorite spaces to design?

“I love powder rooms, bedrooms and spaces that lend themselves to a little magic.Clients are usually willing to amp up the drama in these rooms which allows me to push the envelope a bit and try interesting things.”

LX: When did you know design was your future?

“I began collecting shelter magazines and drawing floor plans while I was still in grammar school. At my 8th grade graduation, I was voted “most likely to become an interior designer.”

LX: Do you think you would ever make the transition to fashion designer?

“I would consider doing a few key pieces; there are certain things I can’t find that I would love to fabricate for myself. However, I would rather support and coming fashion designers. I can’t sew and I know there is a lot that goes into the construction of a piece to make it beautiful.”

LX: What are your favorite areas in your own home, and why?

“I love my bedroom. The entire second floor of my home is dedicated to the master suite, so it’s tucked away and private. I have a sitting room, walk-in closet, master bath, etc. And the bedroom itself is pretty magical. It has a cathedral ceiling and windows spanning the wall that overlooks my backyard. The view from my bed is of trees, birds and sky. It’s like being in a secluded tree-house in the middle of the city.”

LX: Do you have a list of home décor items you think each home should have?

“Each home has its own set of requirements, so I rarely reuse the same style or type of furnishings in different projects. I do think sconces are an important and not oft considered element in a home. They free up table space while providing eye-level light, and I think of them as jewelry for the home – like earrings – adding a bit of sparkle."

LX: What is your favorite thing about designing?

“Transformation. It’s really incredible to take a room or home, and turn it into something special. Not just pretty, but highly functional, welcoming and totally personal for the people who inhabit it. We all love to see the ugly duckling turn into a swan.”

LX: If you were not designing what would you be doing?

“Some people fantasize about being a rock star or a movie idol, but I actually gravitate to the opposite end of the spectrum. I love the idea of being a librarian or historian in a beautiful university somewhere, pouring over books about art, history and architecture. I’m really a nerd at heart.”



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Posted by Huntley Allen, Rhapsody Design Group on 9/5/2013 10:03:00 PM

Even though Tricia and I are not related, I am honoured to become the first to comment here and to congratulate Tricia on her style and words . . . I guess it is in our Huntley roots!! Best wishes on your future projects!! R. Huntley Allen, Rhapsody Design Group, Sea Island, GA