All That Sparkles

All That Sparkles

As the sun sets over the ocean, reflecting that all too familiar gleam in our eyes, we can’t help but acknowledge that our summer nights are numbered. Our sentimental side wants to hold tight to these final moments. While we can’t bottle the balmy evenings, we have found different ways to hold on to the sparkle of summer.  

1. Baccarat Zenith Comete/ 2. Leif Glitter Teaspoon Set/ 3. West Elm Sparkle Pillow/ 4. Christofle Serving Tray/ 5. Caleb Simon Bowl

1. YSL Bleu Cobalt Nail Polish/ 2. Nars Buenos Aires Gloss Lip Pencil/ 3. Smashbox Cream Shadow/ 4. Chanel Powder Blush / 5. Chantecaille Luminous Gloss

1. Chloe Flat/ 2. Federica Retore Earrings/ 3. Diane Von Furstenberg Shorts/ 4. Henri Bendel Girlfriend Bracelet/ 5. Ronald Pineau Stud Belt



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