Beyond The Spotlight

Beyond The Spotlight

The Venini Company has long pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be impossible. Here, Ludovico Diaz de Santillana stays true to the integrity associated with the legendary glass company and with the use of polished-nickel hardware and streaky orange drips, this round fixture has an instant modern edge. You may remember seeing this stunning piece in our Spring 2012 Spotlight section, where interior designer Molly Luetkemeyer shared her suggestion for the fixture, “In my book, you can’t go wrong with vintage Venini, and this is a gorgeous example. I love the tangerine detailing that appears to be painted on so graphically. Hang this to add an instant pop of spring and liveliness to any interior space.” Now, you can see how our other tastemakers from the issue felt about this funky edition.

Joe Lucas & Parrish Chilocoat [interior designers and owners of Harbinger]

“Fun, ethereal and elegant in one fell swoop—we love this orange fixture and how it energizes a space as it refracts light.  It would look fantastic in so many places, like over a dining or kitchen table or perhaps over a kitchen island.  This piece is pure hanging sculpture!”


Sara Tuttle [interior designer]

“What a wonderfully unexpected play on the classic globe pendant.  This would go perfect as a set of three over a kitchen island.  The wispy orange accent would give any room a happy pop of color, while casting a wonderfully warm glow.”


Sara Story [interior designer]

“This piece would be great for a client who is looking to be playful. I'd place this mandarin colored glass globe in an entry to give a warm and inviting feel, because of the effect the light casts onto the ceiling.”








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