Bollywood In Chitown

Bollywood In Chitown

One could argue that Paula Queen dreamed her luxury pillow line, Pyrar & Co., to life. It all began as she started to plan her dream visit to India, and quickly became inspired by the texture, patterns and craftsmanship entrenched in the culture. Paula set her sights on bringing the beauty of the region back home to Chitown. Today, her hand-crafted, custom-designed pillow collections boast an impressive 1,400 Indian woven silks, jacquards and velvets. The sparkly sequins, and hand-embroidered stripes make each piece unique, telling its own story. 

“Etched throughout Pyar & Co.'s designs is the effort to bring an element of lighthearted whimsy while striving to be seriously beautiful. Pure Love. Pure Luxury.” [via]

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