Parlez-vous 'French'?

Parlez-vous 'French'?

Our summer Fort Worth Insider Sheridan French is everything right now. Her clothing line, and textiles are an eclectic mix of color, prints and design. Sheridan’s passion for life can be seen in all of her pieces, and especially in the interview she gave exclusively to Luxe. 


Where do you love to shop for your home?

"I really enjoy stopping into DH Collection on 7th Street when I have time to peruse their inventory.  Having everything from special furniture pieces to lighting fixtures to unique pillows and bedding, this small shop is fiercely packed—finding wonderful accessories is a piece of cake!"

How do you relax?

"I’ve been dying for a trip to Bella Retreat Salon and Spa conveniently located in Camp Bowie. They offer ample treatment options, Bella Retreat is definitely a Forth Worth hidden gem!"


What are your favorite beauty procedures?

"On the top of my list is getting a glycolic peel and microdermabrasion treatments. Ask for Kay, she works miracles, especially with repeat visits, and I can’t wait for her to get me my glow back!" 

Are you loving any beauty products in particular lately?

"Actually I have recently discovered the Clarisonic skin cleaning system and I am sold, hook, line and sinker! It is essentially a sonic scrubber for your skin and includes attachments designed specifically for face and body. Since beginning my new skincare regime this is a major must-have product. It is amazing!" 


Where do you like to go to escape?

"The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Not only are the gardens so inspiring but they are simply gorgeous."


Sounds beautiful. What is your favorite area?

"The lush rose garden—they are a great place to enjoy a super day. I love watching couples holding hands and strolling through the flowers, children running around having the time of their lives. It’s just a really magical environment, in fact, my husband proposed to me here so it certainly has a special place in my heart."         


(Fill in the blank) I cannot live without my _______

"Chanel Teint de Innocence foundation. I am typically a no-frills kind of gal when it comes to makeup, but I won’t use anything else after experiencing this product. It provides great coverage especially for my dark under eye circles that, let’s face it, are a fact of life with newborns in the house." 

What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?

"We LOVE taking the kids and walking around the Main Street Arts Fest downtown every year. Fort Worth has the best downtown I have ever been to - it is extremely people and children friendly, very clean, well taken care of and gorgeous! - so strolling along the brick roads is always wonderful, especially before the weather gets too hot! The range of artwork is incredible and features dramatic sculptures to whimsical paintings. The live music always sets the tone for a fun and lively atmosphere. The culinary arts are such a treat to experience, whether it's crawfish or funnel cakes. And for children, there is face painting, ceramic tile painting, rock walls, sand arts, veggie prints - the activities are endless for everyone! What a great place to people watch! The mix within the crowd is as different and diverse as the art available, so there really is something for everyone."


How would you describe your personal style?

"All over the place. Some days I feel like Audrey Hepburn and others I am channeling Joan Jett."


What do you love most about Forth Worth?

"The Stockyards. Fort Worth’s history is encapsulated in them. You truly feel as though you have gone back in time as you walk around the area. Well, the original buildings from over a hundred years ago are still standing, which is nothing in European terms but significant for old Texas saloons. They still hold cattle drives and such daily as well, which is great fun to see and experience."


Any place else we must visit when we visit Fort Worth?

"Head to the Love Shack for the best hamburger in the city, and great live music."



Our Sheridan French essentials for your winter getaway!


1. Saphira Clutch In Peacock

2. Metal Logo Napkin Ring

3. Anik Shorts in Orange & Cream

4. Cocktail Napkins

5. lkat Placemat 

6. Ella Swim Dress (In Pink)




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