Gone London

Gone London

It has been too long since my last venture across the pond. In honor of the Olympic openings, I figure now is as good of a time as any to reflect back on my London obsessions. As I dig deep into my memory, and search for more recent products produced out of the great land, my heart begins to ache. I long for the exploration, the damp cobble stoned streets, the architecture, the timeless feminine elegance… and a cool pint. [photo via]

London’s Calling!



As far as fabric goes, can it get more royal than Designers Guild's Royal Collection?

Konditor & Cook has me dreaming of their triple brownies! 

All of us at Luxe love getting lost on the British blog Bright Bizaar

Butter London... I can't believe its not butter, because seriously it's that delicious.

I am a New York girl, so when I say I miss Breadstall, that is saying something... 

One of my other favorite London bloggers is Miss B (A Girl, A Style), her recent trip to The Columbia Road Flower Market got me missing both the beauty and the discoveries! [photo via]



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