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Canvas Chat

One of our favorite sections of Luxe is the Q&A with our Stylemakers! This winter we got the pleasure of interviewing artist Marilyn Hayes for our Arizona issue, but what you saw was just the beginning. From her ultimate dinner party, to her favorite decorating shops, get all the answers to the questions you want to know here.


What do you love about your work?

I can make huge, four by five foot prints. One client asked me to fill a 15-foot wall– that’s more space than most galleries!


What do you collect?

I love my Kodak Brownie cameras. I know it’s just a camera, but to me it’s a mini sculpture.


Who are your ultimate dinner-party guests?

Daniel Craig, Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin, Vince Vaughn, Benjamin Franklin, Leif Ericson. Dinner – why not invite a hot guy, a businessman, a world leader, a comedian, an inventor and an explorer. I’d probably serve vodka, for Putin.


What are you reading?

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach. I signed up for a class to learn more about the chemicals I use. The lab part is awesome, but lectures include a lot of math. Lots of homework! 


What would we be surprised to know about you?

I lived in Moscow in the 90s (and loved it, even picked up some Russian).


What is the best hostess gift?

A handwritten thank you note is better than a bottle of wine.


Do you have a secret work tip?

Do it today!


What are your work routines?

I usually listen to music (love Coldplay and Annie Lennox!)---it clears my thought process.


What’s on your perfume tray?

Chanel Cristalle


Favorite decorating sources and shops?

Bungalow, The Green Room, Whitfill Nursery, and local antique stores.










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