hot spot: art beat.

hot spot: art beat.


Imagine waking up on the 61st floor of a Chicago high rise, stretching your sleepy arms over your head and looking to your left at an untitled, black and white work by famed artist Donald Sultan. If it sounds like a dream, it is; but it’s a dream that came true for the inhabitant of this stunning, Linda Bedell-designed residence. After a long day of serving on the boards of some of the most respected art institutions in the country—Chicago’s Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the Whitney in New York—the lucky homeowner returns to clean lines and sweeping views and his very own gallery space, with everything from a Keith Tyson mixed-media piece above the bed to art from Ross Bleckner, Will Cotton, Jim Hodges and Robert Moskowitz.

As we’re stewing a bit in our art envy, we want to know: If you could have just one artist’s work in your home, whose would it be?



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