Beyond The Spotlight

Beyond The Spotlight

This free-form Nilleq stool by Bleu Nature appears in the Spotlight section of our Summer edition, but only here can you see how some of our other featured tastemakers suggested using this gorgeous piece around the home! 


1Alex Woo [luxury jewelry designer]

“As someone who has a background in sculpture, I love the form and juxtaposition of something old with something new.  It's so clean and modern, but has this surprising rustic element. I always love a whimsical twist on a classic form! For me, this is a piece to admire and I would want my guests to be able to enjoy it in our living room.”

2. Danielle & Jodie Snyder [jewelry makers, the faces behind Dannijo]

“We love how it's the perfect mix of modern and rustic. A great idea might be to get a few, in different heights, and stack them next to one another in a living room. They'd also be rad as mini tables with orchids on top. 

3. Charlotte Ronson [trendsetting fashion designer]

“This piece really stands out; it’s so different and unusual. The juxtaposition of the found driftwood and the cool minimal glass somehow works perfectly together. I have a fireplace in my living area, and it’s a little ironic, but I can see it sitting at the side, right next to the fireplace. It’s really more an art piece- a perfect conversation starter.”




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