Skeletal Appeal

Skeletal Appeal

 We want to ask you something… personal. Do you trust your furniture? Is it there for you when you need it most? These may be questions you never thought about, but it's exactly what designer Gustav Düsing has got us thinking. The architect’s new Spaceframe line was designed around the idea of a singular element. Yes, this means that there is no glue, no screws- there's just one interlocking system to provide  the support you need. Placed to maintain their position, once the “joints” are fully assembled, they are unable to be dissembled ever again. Remind you of anything? The collection was designed after our very own natural skeleton, complete with a set of ribs forming the seat. Just like the unique beauty of the human body, these pieces will have you lost in the details, and hopefully, just as comfortable as you are in your own skin. 


chair 2

chair 3

chair 4

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