editor's obsession: trellis fruit bowl

editor's obsession: trellis fruit bowl

Let’s be honest: I’m not reaching for fruit unless there’s absolutely nothing else around to tempt me in the kitchen or the pantry or, heck, even anywhere within walking distance from my apartment. It’s not so much that I dislike fruit, just that I like everything else a lot better. These handsome trellis bowls by designer Scott Klinker from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, though, may be all the incentive I need to change my mind. Originally shown as a part of an exhibition for Alessi during ICFF, four of the laser-cut, perforated metal designs are currently being produced by the company and will be available in stores at the end of 2012. The best part? If I can’t learn to love nature’s candy by then, I can just hang them on my wall for a tasty visual snack, instead.



Image via Moco Loco



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