Get In The Mood

Get In The Mood

Every now and then it pays off to escape the daily grind and just be creative. This week, the Luxe editors broke out the scissors and glue to hone in on what inspires them. Take a peek!


“Although I moved into my new home a year ago, there’s a charming sunshiny dining alcove overlooking a lush courtyard that’s been ignored design-wise. These images are a reflection of how I envision the space: banquette covered in a cheerful print, Moroccan fixtures, marble Saarinen table, pink peonies. I’ve titled it, PJ’s Summer Project, and need to host a cocktail party in early August so I have a deadline to get it all done!

Pamela Jaccarino, Editor In Chief



“Travel is on my mind! Here are a few of my favorite must-see destinations.”

Kellie Green, Associate Managing Editor (does she have the best name ever for a design editor, or what?)



“Lately I’ve been in a bright, happy mood and I wanted to create a board that reflected a few of my favorite things: Nama Rococo wallpaper (I can see it on a wall in my bathroom); Seccio chairs (I am dying to have these around my dining table); and feminine Christopher Farr fabric (to add whimsical touches).” 

Brittany Kaplan, Market Editor



“The dazzling lights on Broadway, the elaborate set designs, the two-hour escape to another time and place—these are things that trigger my emotions and fuel my creative moods whether I’m writing, painting or reimagining my environment.”

Jesse Bratter, Features Editor


Arlyn GOOD

“Sometimes, a single object can inspire an entire space’s design; for me, it was vintage kelly green lamps that enchanted me enough to completely redesign my master bedroom around the lively hue.”

Arlyn Hernandez, Managing Editor



“My mood board is a compilation of things that are currently making me happy- bright pops of color, sparkly accents, vivid floral prints and of course, my wonderfully supportive family and friends. Together, these things inspire me to be creative and unique each and every day.”

Mallory Evans, Editorial Assistant



“A collection of shots to help me visualize my way to a perfectly designed home.  Beautiful fabrics, exotic colors, and lush textures are the inspirational notes that will direct the style of each room.”

Olivia Lambert, Photography Director



“Having time to reflect on what makes us happy and inspired is too often a luxury.  With busy schedules and magazines to close, my mood board allowed me to steal away a few moments to ruminate on all the things that I love and always make me smile.”

Cara Long, Associate Editor



“I pay homage to Hemingway by displaying his famous quote about writing (“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”), along with some handsome bottle openers, as a nod to his well-documented love of the drink. But, to be honest, I’m not sure I agree with the Nobel Prize winner. There’s a lot more to writing than that, like having a suitable place to do it; so, my board is all about constructing one. My perfect literary nook is all about color and comfort, with some feminine flair and a John Robshaw print for Duralee that is all the inspiration I need to set pen to paper.”

Brielle M. Ferreira, Features Editor



“Lately I have found myself in a very feminine and romantic mood. This ultra clean feel is reflected in different areas of my life, from my clothes, to design and even food!”

Anna Young Lombardi, Social Media Editor 



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Posted by ECarlisle on 6/5/2012 5:59:00 PM

Love the theme of each mood board! So inspiring...

Posted by Melissa Ginsberg on 6/8/2012 1:35:00 AM

All the boards are great! You can really feel each mood! Great idea to get your feelings and creative juices flowing.