Green Glamour

Green Glamour

Clothes are not the only thing getting brighter. Everywhere we look these days furniture seems to be getting the ultimate color treatment…and were loving it! However, there is one color in particular taking the décor world by storm, green. From wall treatments to cabinets, there is nothing this color isn’t putting its mark on.  

green 2

POP! Look how perfectly this side table ties up all the colors in the room.

green 3

Found this in our archive, love how it still remains sleek and clean, even with the bright tone of green.

green 4

That tiny wall painted in green opens up the whole space!

green 5

This tablecloth is a great way to show off your best summer spread.

green 6

Cannot get enough of the resort feel in this green bathroom.

green 7

Crystal is beautiful and fabulous in green. 



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