Dream Tone

Dream Tone

A piano is a symbol of beauty—smooth ivory and sweet melodies that leave a lasting impression. But, Polish Designer Robert Majkut has taken this symbol into uncharted territory. 

whaletone 2

With an impending arched back and raised fin, sleek lacquered skin and perfectly coifed markings, Majkut’s Whaletone looks as though it’s something of a dream. Parting the waters with its proverbial waves of sweet music and distinctly original shape, this breathtaking instrument did, in fact, originate from a dream while out to sea. Majkut was tireless when it came to conveying the memory of what his imagination had so simply revealed. He paired his vision with Super Natural Piano Technology resulting in a high quality grand piano sound, encapsulated by an ivory-feel surface mimicking the actual ivory and ebony keys… ladies and gentleman, Whaletone.

whaletone 3



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