Paper Perfect

Paper Perfect

The more accessible we become, the more personal a handwritten letter feels. There is a certain sensation when we open a letter and see our name and message hand written.  Due to the few and far between handwritten letters we receive, stationary has become a novelty of sorts. As far as luxury items are concerned, stationary is worth the splurge.  When it comes to fine stationary, Mrs. John L. Strong takes the ink. Since 1929 Mrs. John L. Strong has placed timeless touches on each coveted stationary line, maintaining a reputation as completely… Luxe. These touches include hand engraving with custom dyes, detailed bordering on each card, hand lined envelopes and traditional finishing with each order. I guess that it is safe to say that Mrs. John L. Strong takes stationary personally.


stationary 1 

If you are in New York City be sure to pop by the newly renovated ninth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue.

stationary beach 



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