The Sophisticated Child

The Sophisticated Child

As the youngest of six children, even at 40, LuLu deKwiatkowski (LuLu DK) still has to be reminded that she is no longer a kid. However, it was her thinking like a child that has led to the success of her latest endeavor, a child’s fabric line for Schumacher.

LuLu’s immediate inspiration for doing the line was the birth of her twin boys, but the content came from her unique process. With no agenda, and a paintbrush in hand, the artist that she is, simply makes it up as she goes.  The white, soft, cotton background kept the line free and airy, something that LuLu enjoys, stating, 

“Sometimes simple is best. It is important to make their (children’s) mind work, without overwhelming”.  


Colorful and fresh, the line has the same effect on adults. The fabrics could work just as perfectly in a summerhouse, or master bedroom. The simplicity, and beautiful details spark the imagination; a notion not only for children.






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