Asian Inspiration

Asian Inspiration

Cultures are continually a source of inspiration for designers; Parisian flair, Moroccan fun and, arguably the most influential, Asian sophistication. From table lamps to architecture, no form of design is too small to be touched by Asia’s influence. While trends are constantly changing, Asia has maintained a firm grip on the design world. Sleek and sexy, floral and fresh, traditional and tranquil, no style is off limits for this continent.

Kaite Leede 

Rustic study by Katie Leede [photo via]

Muriel Brandolini

Pastel elegance designed by Muriel Brandolini [photo via]

Jiun Ho

 Jiun Ho's kitchen is the perfect blend of sophistication and fun [photo via]

Top designers Jiun Ho, Muriel Brandolini and Katie Leede each have their own style of design, but all share the talent to masterfully incorporate elements of the Far East to complete their distinctive works. Join our Editor-in-Chief Pamela Jaccarino as she hosts this panel of experts during the fourth annual La Cinenega Design Quarter’s prestigious Legends event. 



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