duly noted: on the town.

duly noted: on the town.


A time comes in everyone’s life when the people who love you will look at you and ask, quite earnestly, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” You will answer them, equally as earnest, that you want to make an impact, whether it’s by contributing to the cultural landscape with the written word or art, by curing ailments and remedying injustices or by designing beautiful spaces that enrich the lives of those who live in them. 

But at some point, usually when you’re frantically checking your work emails at 10 o’clock on a Saturday night, you’ll think to yourself, “What I really want to do is just turn my life into one giant party.” And that’s exactly what happened for the Luxe team last week when we stepped out from behind our computers and away from our fabric swatches and research on the most incredible new products for a whirlwind series of events—from intimate cocktails with Connecticut-based designers and architects at Greenwich’s Delamar hotel to taking on the South Street Seaport in celebration of the first stop on Caesarstone’s Pop-Up Color Tour and a quaint breakfast at Ze Café in New York, above, with more talented industry leaders. Luckily, though, we got to wind down with a quick trip to Zeze’s flower shop, which placed our editor in chief firmly on cloud nine. You can live vicariously through us by checking out the pictures on Facebook



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