style scout: retro chic.

style scout: retro chic.

A confession: I don't own a dishwasher. I traded in delicate, moisturized hands and perfectly manicured nails for pretty views, some extra square footage and life in New York City. I never thought I would regret it until I was scrolling through our Luxe archives, with my pointer finger looking sadly clad in chipped Nouvelle Vague polish from Chanel, and stumbled upon this inviting Minnesota kitchen by Jean Rehkamp Larson. Vintage touches throughout—including a lovingly restored Roper oven that was original to the house—preserve the historical integrity of the residence while staying true to its barn-inspired décor. I can picture lazy Sunday afternoons here, putting a roast in the oven while stirring up a batch of cupcakes for dessert, and then merrily letting someone else load the dishwasher afterwards.

From left: Corn Stripe fabric by Kate Grussing from Beebolt; Randolph pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting; Lansdale Carrara tile from The Tile Shop.



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