sneak peek: clear vision.

sneak peek: clear vision.


Is there anyone who doesn’t get excited to take a look inside a fabulous Manhattan apartment? We live for these moments and somehow always seem to find ourselves wishing for an oasis of our own—elevated high above the rest. Though the homeowner of this New York apartment gets to live the dream, he only spends about a month a year in the sky-high retreat, and we don’t know how he does it. We wouldn’t be able to tear ourselves away from those floor-to-ceiling views and the subtle sophistication of the Jennifer Post-decorated pad. At the foot of Columbus Circle, 67 floors above the congested streets of New York, this 21st-century marvel reveals inspiring views of Central Park, but there’s plenty to see on the other side of the windows, too, like architecture composed of straight lines and hard edges that get softened by gentle curvature on the sofa, chairs and console table in the living room. Don’t take our word for it, though: Check out the full feature with all the fabulous photos when our New York edition hits newsstands July 20th.




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