editor's obsession: lavender spinel ring.

editor's obsession: lavender spinel ring.

I was a sensitive kid and notoriously absentminded, which made for some pretty spectacular meltdowns when I lost things that I loved. There was one particular European vacation that culminated in my parents combing the grass of a sweet children’s garden on their hands and knees looking for my favorite bracelet, a gift from my grandmother. While I’m still a little more sensitive than I would like, I have gotten slightly better about misplacing things, which is why I feel like I should be rewarded with this pretty Lavender Spinel stunner from Harry Winston. It’d be nearly impossible to lose this bauble from Winston’s The Incredibles collection, or at the very least, its sparkle would be infinitely easier to spot in the grass.




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Posted by LD on 10/4/2012 12:50:00 PM

Old world style for the modern woman. This piece is unique yet elegant.