editor's obsession: link-s pendant.

editor's obsession: link-s pendant.

If my current manicure is any indication, orange has me completely captivated as of late. Persimmon, coral, tangerine—no matter the shade of the lively color, I’m hooked. So, it should come as no surprise that the moment I saw LZF Lamps’ Link-S suspension pendant in this delightful carroty hue, I couldn’t look away. I love that it’s fluid and organic yet geometric at the same time, and my eye can follow the undulating shape endlessly. The curving strips are laid atop one another to create a beautiful display of light and dark when lit, emitting a sumptuous, warm glow. I’d love to have this over my dining table, where it’d be perfect for creating ambience during a casual dinner party or as the overhead star of a romantic evening for two.




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