editor's obsession: kyle bunting.

editor's obsession: kyle bunting.

Seeing a Kyle Bunting hide in person is a little like tasting cotton candy for the first time: The texture is intensely different from anything you’ve ever experienced, and though you may be a little skeptical at first, you’re almost immediately struck by just how good it is. The luxury wall coverings and rugs, with their bright colors and fuzzy finishes, are more than isolated pieces of art; they’re full sensory experiences—so inherently tactile that you can’t help but reaching out a hand or an anticipatory toe, respectively. Right now, I’m really excited about the expert mixing of splendid patterns in the Jet Stream and the sophisticated herringbone of the Mr. Crowley; but really, I’d be willing to give up cotton candy forever, if it meant I got to invite any piece of the collection into my home.




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